Thorny Devil Bird Spikes

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Product Description

The polycarbonate material is strong, flexible, clear, resilient and resistant to both UV and impact. They're also easy to attach using a couple of dabs of silicon adhesive, or screws.

Spikes made easy. Get professional results anywhere birds are not welcome.

• Features:
- 100% effective everywhere they are installed - repel birds 24/7.
- Physical barrier does not harm birds - cruelty-free solution.
- Easy to install, requires little to no maintenance.
- One-time solution- no maintenance required.
- Eliminates landing surfaces, increases property aesthetics & value.
- Clear, lightweight, low-profile bird control method.
- Less expensive than metal alternatives.
- Material will not corrode or decay - spikes can last a lifetime.
- Dimensions (Top) (W): 10cm.
- Dimensions (Base) (W×H×L) = 3cm×9cm×42cm.

• Applications:
- Rooftops & ledges.
- Windowsills, louvers & eaves.
- Support structures, beams & rafters.
- Chimneys & air conditioners.
- Signs & billboards.