Terrestrial Digital TV Signal Meter


Product Description

• Features:
- Colour LCD display.
- Soft cover protects against drop damage.
- Pre-programmed with Australian Channels.
- Internal High Energy Lithium-Ion Battery 1800mAh.
- High sensitivity assists searching for weak DTV signals.
- Comprehensive digital TV measurements including Level, MER & BER.
- Spectrum display of signals.
- Powers 5V DC mast amplifiers.
- Reads weak and strong TV signals.
- Instant response to signal changes.
- Easy to use, compact handheld shape.
- Audible Lock & Signal Quality Alarm.
- Convenient LED Torch Light integrated.
- Includes MER and BER signal readings.
- Ready for DVB-T2, exceptional with DVB-T.
- Full Australian Channel plan pre-programmed.
- Keypad LED Backlit assists use in dark corners.
- Magnetic Compass assists in identifying the direction.
- Constellation diagram displays signals in a xy-plane scatter diagram.

• Download:
- Datasheet (English, PDF)
- User's Manual (English, PDF)