Power Supply 18V 1A with Power Inserter 2400MHz

Product Description

A Foxtel approved (F31090) 18VDC 1A power pack designed for use with Foxtel approved active taps and multiswitches. Can be connected directly to any F type DC port or can be inserted into the coaxial line at any point using the supplied line inserter.

When using power supply with Foxtel active devices, the current draw shall not exceed 500mA.

• Features:
- 18VDC 1A power supply with F type inserter.
- Can be used to locally power multiswitches and active taps.
- Foxtel approved (F31090).
- Comes with 2400MHz rated line inserter (14MM-PI62).
- Input: 100/240V~50/60Hz.
- Power efficient switch mode technology.

• Download:
- Datasheet (English, PDF)