IP Vario (Roof & Box for Masonry Fitting 1-Module)

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  • SKU: 9135361E
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Product Description

The 2N® roof and box for masonry fitting 1 module 9135361E is an all-metal constructed Protective Hood and Backbox for flush-mounting of 2N® IP Vario intercoms, Door Controllers and Extender Panels. This robust, protective Hood and Back-box combination can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations and accepts 1x device.

• Features:
- Required for outdoor installation.
- Flush mount box for single main unit.
- Dimensions: 129mm×240mm×41mm.
- Hole: 110mm×220mm×50mm.

• Suitability:
- 2N® IP Vario.
- 2N® IP Analog Vario.

• Download:
- Datasheet (English, PDF)