Halo Auto-Tracking 85cm Satellite Dish

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Product Description

Altech UEC HALO auto-pointing, auto-skewing satellite dish system is a game-changer.   No other dish in its class features a quad LNBF (run VAST and Foxtel at the same time) with power over a single coax, minimising the total number of cables.   At the price-point, the HALO leaves its competitors eating dust.

The single cable system makes watching VAST TV a breeze:  just plug in and tune up.   If you want to run VAST and Foxtel IQ at the same time, you can do that too, using 2, 3 or 4 cables.  The 60cm dish will work well in South Eastern Australia.  The 85cm dish is required for optimal coverage throughout Australia.  The Altech UEC HALO has a small installation footprint and can be mounted to a stand (for portable use) or mounted permanently to the roof of an RV.

• Features:
- Choice of 2 indoor units.
- Quad LNB to support VAST & Foxtel.
- Built in GPS & auto skew adjustment.
- Single cable connection between indoor & outdoor unit without running 12V or 24V.
- Metal Gearbox.
- 2 years warranty.

• Download:
- Datasheet (English, PDF)
- User's Manual (English, PDF)