Gold IP License

  • Brand: 2N
  • SKU: 2N9137909

Product Description

• Features:
- Software license key to upgrade 2N® Helios IP.
- Supports: User Sounds, audio loop test, noise detection, audio & video streaming (RTSP server), ONVIF, external camera, motion detection, digital PTZ of video stream, automation, extended lock control (activation via call or quick dial button, time profile for switch), HTTP switch control, picture to email (SMTP Client), auto provisioning, FTP picture upload, SNMP, HTTP API (partially), 802.1x, SIPs, NFC.

• Supported Products:
- 2N® IP Verso
- 2N® IP Solo
- 2N® IP Vario
- 2N® IP Force
- 2N® IP Safety