Fully Shielded Band Pass Filter & Triplexer

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Product Description

The FL3BPMH is a passive bandpass fi lter/combiner with 1,2 and/or 3 inputs. It is designed to pass standard TV bands with an insertion loss of <2dB, whilst rejecting unwanted out of band signals, including AM, 26/27MHz CB radio, FM radio (switchable), paging, police radio, 477MHz CB radio and mobile phones CDMA and GSM. There is also a -12dB low band attenuator included. The FL3BPMH may also be used backwards as a low insertion loss band separator.

• Features:
- Frequency Range: 44MHz~108MHz (VLF), 174MHz~230MHz (VHF), 520MHz~820MHz (UHF).
- Insertion Loss: <2dB.
- AM + 26/27MHz: -40dB.
- Low Band Attenuator: Maximum 12dB.
- FM Filter: -30dB @ 88MHz~108MHz.
- Page Filter: -30dB @ 148MHz, -20dB @ 158MHz (NZ).
- 477MHz CB: -40dB.
- Mobile Phones: -20dB @ 860MHz, -30dB @ 940MHz.

• Download:
- Datasheet (English, PDF)