Digital Television Signal Analyzer

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Product Description

• Features:
- Modulation Error Ratio (MER & Noise Margin) total quality quantification.
- Full & Expanded Spectrum and Constellation diagram functions.
- preBER before Viterbi corrector Bit Error Ratio.
- postBER after Viterbi corrector Bit Error Ratio.
- Damaged packet count (RealError), after Reed-Solomon corrector.
- Constellation diagram, a powerful relative signal evaluation tool.
- Lock signal status indicator.
- Digital Channel Power in dBμV or dBm.
- Extensive Analogue TV measurements.
- Powers 5V, 12V or 24V mast amplifiers simultaneously measuring actual current draw & voltage.
- Data Logging and useful PC functions.
- Up to 3 hours of autonomy from the internal Li-ion battery.

- 1×Impact Resistant Holster.
- 1×IT Tools Software Suite.
- 1×F-F Adaptor.
- 1×Power Pack Charger.
- 1×Li-ion Battery.
- 1×Printed Manual.

• Download:
- Datasheet (English, PDF)