Antenna Log Periodic Band 3 F Type 9dB Gain


Product Description

The Fracarro LP3F is a compact pre-assembled VHF/UHF Log Periodic antenna ready for plug and play easy installation. Excellent RF engineering and high level design guarantees reliable RF connection to feedline.

• Features:
- Band: 3.
- Channels: 6~12 (VHF).
- Bandwidth: 177MHz~227MHz.
- Maximum Gain: 9dBi (VHF).
- Front/Back Ratio: 25dB (VHF).
- Return Loss: -16dB (VHF).
- Beamwidth (-3dB): +30° (VHF), -30° (VHF).
- Impedance: 75Ω.
- Dimensions (L×W): 65cmx33cm.
- Maximum Mast Diameter: 60mm.
- Wind Load at 120km/h (720N/m²): 2.8kg (27.46N).
- Connector: F type.
- Horizontal Polarization: Included.
- Vertical Polarization: Included.

• Download:
- Datasheet (English, PDF)