Antenna Log Periodic 32 Element Channel 6-69 F Type

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Product Description

Log-periodic pre-assembled aerials characterized by: extremely easy connection due to the connector being located near the mast clamp. High level design of the dipole connection guarantees a highly reliable RF contact. Due to the specific mast clamp these aerials can be assembled in vertical or horizontal polarisation without additional accessories. They are characterized by excellent mechanical clamp resistance of the boom elements, excellent mechanical resistance at the rotation around the mast and good electrical performances. F connector is protected by a cap with bayonet clamp.

• Features:
- Band: III + UHF.
- Channels: E5~E12, E21~E69 (Europe).
- Bandwidth: 174MHz~230MHz, 470MHz~862MHz.
- Maximum Gain: 9.5dBi, 11dBi.
- Front/Back Ratio: 24dB, 32dB.
- Return Loss: -16dB, -16dB.
- Beamwidth (-3dB): +34°/-34°, +31°, -31°.
- Wind Load at 120km/h (720N/m²): 3.9kg (38.25N).
- Connector: F type.
- Impedance: 75Ω.
- Maximum Mast Diameter: 60mm.
- Dimensions: 115mm×86mm.
- Horizontal Polarisation: Included.
- Horizontal Polarisation with Tilt Adjustment: PV10.
- Vertical Polarisation: Included.
- Vertical Polarisation with Tilt Adjustment: PV-10.
- Auxiliary boom: N/A.

• Download:
- Datasheet (English, PDF)