Antenna High Gain Active UHF with Lte Filter 47dB F Type

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Product Description

The ELIKA PRO is an active helical UHF aerial complete with F connector and an LED alignment system. It is an evolution of the Loop Yagi technology, already adopted and patented for the previous Sigma series. It is also available as a passive version, without the LED alignment. (ELIKA).

The ELIKA series can be mounted on a pole without the need for tools thanks to its premounted elements, quick coupling radiator and reflectors, mast connector with standard zenith adjustment and large wingnut.

These aerials benefit from a built in LTE filter within the dipole, high gain, excellent directivity and almost total absence of side lobes.

Exclusive design patented by Fracarro.

• Features:
- Band: UHF.
- Channels: E21~E48.
- Bandwidth: 470MHz~694MHz.
- Maximum Gain: 17dBi.
- Front/Back Ratio: 32dB.
- Return Loss: -18dB.
- Beamwidth (-3dB): +22°, -22°.
- Impedance: 75Ω.
- Dimensions: 92cm×82cm×62.
- Maximum Mast Diameter: 60mm.
- Wind Load at 120km/h (720N/m²): 19kg (186.2N).
- Connector: F type.
- Horizontal Polarization: Included.
- Horizontal Polarization with Tilt Adjustment: Included.
- Vertical Polarization: Included.
- Vertical Polarization with Tilt Adjustment: Included.
- Auxiliary Boom: N/A.

• Download:
- Datasheet (English, PDF)